29 May 20


A double objective: protect and protect yourself. To achieve this, we are implementing our own health protocol to deal with the covid-19 crisis.
A single protocol cannot be valid for each establishment. It is therefore up to us to adapt it to our constraints.

We therefore ask you to take the time to read this page and come to us with YOUR mask.

> Take the time to read the information concerning the activity you wish to carry out.
> From June 2, 2020, we are open. The via ferrata will be open but with restrictions.
> Anyone showing symptoms or in contact with a sick person should not come.After being sick, seek the advice of your doctor for a resumption of sports activity.
>Encourage the taking of remote reservations (internet or telephone)
> Bring your mask

> You can book and pay directly through our site.
> A traffic direction has been set up on the base.
> Hydroalcoholic solution available at the entrance and exit of the building
> Cleaning and disinfection of all equipment after each use.
>Limitation of the number of people on the departure base.
> Follow the recommendations posted and provided by the Cap Canoë team.
> Plan to bring your own pen
> We must keep a register of all the people welcomed into our structure.
> Once the contract is signed, you can go to the equipment while keeping the recommended distances.
> Departure briefing concerning your activity and transport.
> Limitation of the number of people in minibuses.
> Obligatory mask for transport to the point of departure.

> You must respect the social distensions in force.


> The minibuses are disinfected after each passenger transport
> At the end of the activity, the equipment must be dropped off by the client at the place indicated
> Protocol for cleaning and disinfecting loan equipment by Cap Canoë.

22 Jan 19

EC special rate and sports club

This year, a preferential rate for works councils and club / sports associations or others is set up.
From 4 euros per person.
Contact us quickly to know all the tariffs.